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Elliot Haigh

Elliot Haigh

Data Analyst - Python, Tableau, SQL, Excel
Hong Kong, 中西區


关于Elliot Haigh:

Greetings! I am a dynamic Data Analyst with a rich background in education. My journey began with an Honors Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, leading me to a fulfilling teaching career in Hong Kong for five successful years.

Driven by an unwavering passion for critical thinking and analysis, I embarked on a transformative journey by completing the Data Analysis Immersion Course through CareerFoundry. This intensive bootcamp-style program allowed me to delve into real-world data problems, developing a robust technical skill set in Python, Tableau, SQL, and Excel.

In the realm of data analysis, I find joy in unraveling complex challenges. My recent projects have ranged from dissecting market trends to addressing issues like flight delays, influenza patterns, and regional sales. I take pride in presenting information in a way that is not just insightful but also easily digestible for clients.

What sets me apart is not just my technical prowess but also the communication and collaboration skills honed during my teaching tenure. The ability to navigate challenges with a natural problem-solving and critical-thinking mindset seamlessly translates into my role as a Data Analyst.

I am fueled by the eagerness to contribute to impactful projects and take the next stride in my career. If you're keen on exploring the world of data analysis or discussing potential collaborations, I invite you to connect. Feel free to peruse my portfolio website for a deeper dive into my projects, and don't hesitate to initiate a conversation via LinkedIn or email.

Let's embark on this journey of data exploration together!


MGH Solutions - Contractor Data Analyst



Career Foundry - Data Immersion Program

University of Toronto Honors Bachelor of Arts 

Bradfield College A - Level

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