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Beauty products - Hair Care

Hair Care for All

There are so many different varieties of hair conditions, dry, frizzy, coloured, bleached, thin, thick, curly, straight etc. that it is difficult sometimes to buy the correct shampoos, conditioners and other hair products to suit you. On my website I have included many different items to hopefully suit all.

Hair care: From not washing it every day to why you should you cover your head in the sun.

From masks to deep conditioning treatments, styling tools and scalp treatments, today's market has a category and an answer for every and any hair struggle. 

There are plenty of possibilities to choose from, but that means picking the right ones can get a bit overwhelming.

The haircare market is growing exponentially and many skincare brands are getting into the game and releasing their own hair products. 

Some are even formulating full hair care collections — in March, for example, Fenty Hair was trademarked by Rihanna. Still, do we really need things like hair treatment masks? Is it OK to dye your hair at home? How often should you wash it, really? 

How often should I wash my hair?

Protect from heat when blow drying your hair

The question of questions in the haircare world. Opinions about this matter are often polarised, but there's one rule all experts stand by: washing your hair every day is a big no no.  After all these years, Barbie is still reinventing herself. Doing so can over-dry and damage it, as the scalp produces natural oils that are necessary for hair to stay healthy. Wash it too often with shampoo and you're getting rid of that oil.

The final answer will be directly linked to your hair type and factors such as working out, pollution, heat styling and even UV exposure but, generally speaking, washing it every two to three days is considered enough.

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