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    Assistant / Manager, Business Development

    We are looking for a motivated Business Development Manager or Assistant Manager with a strong background in microelectronics or communications technology. Ideal for university graduates in Electronics, Communication, Computing Science, or Information Technology, aiming to utilize their technical expertise for business growth. The successful candidate should be a mature professional excited about business development and capable of contributing effectively with minimal initial training. Experience working in a startup's dynamic environment is highly valued.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Identify and develop new business opportunities in the technology sector.
    • Foster and maintain relationships with clients and partners.
    • Collaborate with technical and marketing teams to align strategies with company goals.
    • Analyze market trends and competitor activities to enhance business strategies.

    Requirements and Qualifications:

    • University degree in Electronics, Communication, Computing Science, Information Technology, technology management, or physics.
    • Minimum 3 years experience in a technical, business development, or related role within the technology sector.
    • Proven track record in technical marketing, business development, sales, or purchasing is advantageous.
    • Hands-on experience with the ability to contribute immediately with minimal training.
    • Experience in startup environments, understanding their unique challenges and opportunities.
    • Proficiency in English with fair command of Mandarin preferred.

    Preferred Skills:

    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Effective analytical and problem-solving abilities.
    • Mature, professional attitude with a willingness to learn and tackle challenges.
    • Capability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced startup environment.
    • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills.

    About n-hop technologies:

    n-hop technologies is a leading company focused on innovation in data processing and network acceleration. We are the pioneers of network coding theory and the creators of Batched Sparse Code (BATS), an efficient network coding implementation. Our goal is to transform data processing, storage, and transmission, enabling organizations to achieve remarkable performance, efficiency, and scalability levels.

    A. 2022 Claude E. Shannon Award – highest honor in Information Theory
    B. 2021 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal - for fundamental contributions to information theory and pioneering network coding
    C. 2019 Gold Medal at the 47th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva
    D. 2018 ACM SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Paper Award