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Kwun Fai Ho

Sha Tin, 沙田區

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About me:

I am a passionate person and currently a year three student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I will obtain my bachelor’s in social science of Sociology in July 2022. My major is Sociology. Meanwhile, I am minoring in Communication and Journalism.

I am well equipped with the lens of Sociology. The sociological training in university increased my sensitivity to different "what is happening in society", therefore, my productions are always caught up with the news in society or the hot topics in society, including the contents and the presentation forms as well. Also, the sociological training makes me wiser that there could be varied ways to achieve the targets. It provides me with flexibility in finishing works and making creations.

Besides, I am interested in creative works. I am minoring Communication and Journalism in CUHK and participated in a lot of media exercises, for instance, producing my own photography, sound narrative, and video production, developing, and maintaining the Facebook page as a marketing communications tool, and poster designing. In the digital era, it is important to deliver messages effectively to the target audience, especially teenagers. I hope that I could practice and learn more through working in a place that is open to idea exchanging.

Meanwhile, I am interested in watching films, review films critically and shooting clips of video. Films have become a part of my life, not only providing entertainment but a chance for me to reflect upon myself. I have my own judgement towards films. I believe good movie always present social reality or social actions in a creative and unprecedent ways. I hope I could get in touch with more films in different genre and discover more valuable films during the internship program.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology

Major in Sociology
Minor in Communication and Journalism


FQ GURU Limited, Hong Kong

Digital marketing intern

·Assisting in the operation of social media platform of “” and “Badbeatfrog”

·Designing posts related to entrepreneurship and managing wealth

·Assisting in filming video and post-production of the video, from short-films, products introduction to daily vlogs.

Office of Ng Yuet Lan, Mei Foo district councilor, Hong Kong 

 District councilor assistant

· Designed posters and publications for different ages to deliver messages and news according to needs

· Handled administrative works for councilor to boost the working efficiency of the office, such as maintained records and entered data

· Writing letters to varied government departments and private companies to present the opinion from residents

HKMLC Queen Maud Secondary School, Hong Kong 

 Teaching assistant in Chinese History and Liberal Studies

· Tapping into varied forms of teaching materials to motivate students in the learning process such as informative video clips, newspaper, and innovative creations

· Handled administrative works for teaching courses

Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 

Research assistant in local research projects

· Conducting telephone interviews for varied local research projects to collect data
· Handled administrative works for data used in research projects.



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